The specialists at Drug Rehab Center Orlando understand that drugs and alcohol have the very real ability to totally destroy someone’s life. Most people who use drugs and alcohol on a regular basis don’t even believe they have a problem. Many times it takes friend or family to mention that someone’s substance abuse is hurting them. While it is usually hard to tell when drugs and alcohol are in control, there are a few questions that someone can ask themselves in order to gain a better perspective on their drug and alcohol use. The following questions are not intended to diagnose addiction, but rather provide valuable perspective on why someone uses. Try to answer as honestly as possible, otherwise you are only lying to yourself.

·         How often do you drink or take drugs?

·         Do you use alone or with others?

·         Have you tried to get sober before?

·         Do you mistreat friends or ignore obligations due to substance use?

·         Do you drink to excess every time you drink?

·         Have you made regrettable decisions while high or drunk?

When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, nobody is more knowledgeable than the professionals at Drug Rehab Center Orlando. If you are serious about making a positive change in your life then you need to call right now at (407) 545-8310 or email for more information. Only a true addiction specialist has the skills and expertise to help anyone overcome an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Call now!


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